The birth of a new generation

Strategic Design

in the industry.

The low maintenance design philosophy.

The nice & tidy chocolate factory.

We developed the new strategy and corporate design language for the world's leading manufacturer in the cocoa and chocolate processing industry and developed the Wiener Ball Mill, Generation 7.

The road to Industry x.0

The industrial product on the pathway to a fully automated 'smart factory' context. A new design philosophy for the industry with a clear focus on the thing that  matters most: Productivity.

Product design

& experience

will make the difference

for industrial products too.

creating impact.

A holistic strategy for the newest product of the Royal Duyvis Wiener Group. A global product strategy developed for the renewed portfolio. Strategic design elements that create competitive advantage.


The Hybrid Consultancy developed our corporate design language and implemented it on a product level. The introduction of real design values in our industrial arena is a world first. The new products that we bring into existence make it possible to set the standards in our industry and gain competitive advantage on the long-term.

Theo Pouw CEO Royal Duyvis Wiener

Change requires action.

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The Amsterdam office

The Stockholm office is based on a remote concept with our friends at Formery.