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Our services

We are always happy to help.

From idea to reality.

Making a successful business case is just part of your solution.
The Hybrid Consultancy offers a wide variety of services that make sure you do not miss opportunities and are never left behind without the know-how to execute the strategy. We help you from the first rough sketches towards a complete product experience.

We are always happy to help.


The Wiener Ball Mill, Generation 7

The Holistic strategy that makes it to production.

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We are confident in the fuzzy stages op innovation cycles. A design is useless without a vision being implemented and business cases that make your organization flourish.


Product Design

Defining your product's aesthetics is just a tiny part of what we do. The result is the outcome of great alignment of the business case, (user) research, technology and the organization.

Continuity packages

Your "external in-house" design department

Continuity is one of the crucial elements for your organization. You can rely on our services by subscribing to one of our Continuity Packages. Our Hybrid consultants are always happy to help.

One project. One price.

We go by our 'One project. One price. philosophy. By this way of working, you know what to expect and what to invest.


User Interface

We take care of both hardware and graphic user interfaces. The so-called 'GUI'. A great design for this interface is the result of proper user research being translated into useful insights and testing.



Ideate. Design. Build. Test. Improve. Test. And so on... Our in-house prototyping lab makes it possible to significantly reduce the time to market.


Service Design

Having a loyal fan base rather than a group of clients brings your business to the next level. A consistent brand includes blueprints that make sure your clients love your organization.

Digital design

Our digital product services deliver intelligent usability and seamless integrations amongst product layers.


Design Sprints

One challenge. One team. One week to make it happen. By the use of the design sprint methodology, you can solve major problems by using limited resources in a limited timeframe.



A real fit between the user needs and your proposition is often the result of  research. Markets, users, technology... we look for insights that create competitive advantage on both the short and long term.



A brand is way more than some graphics and a nice logo. A great branding design exists of internal and external components that communicate in a consistent way with your audience.


Future Roadmaps

We do not have a magic crystal ball to predict the future, but we know how to create a roadmap towards your future context. A holistic overview of contextual factors give you the useful insights.


Experience Strategy

Today's most successful businesses sell experiences. Products and services are elements that function as statements of the experience strategy. We help you define what is needed to play and win.



Sketching is the designer's mother tongue. We make napkin sketches to explore ideas, develop concepts by elaborated sketches and render them to convince your board and the customer.