The Milan Design Week got even hotter

The pandemic made it hard to have the Milan Design Week organized in the way it is usually is. The ones behind the beloved week full of design in Milan made the choice to delay the event and move it towards the beginning of June ‘22, which made it possible for us to combine our visit with Art Basel and the Art Biennale in Venice. 

And as the rising temperatures during the early days of summer - we are talking about 40+ degrees Celcius - made it hard to visit all locations while strolling relaxed through the cities. 

The NEED Systems icon product: The Smoke Detector

The presentation of the NEED project 

At the Certosa Initiative we presented the project we worked on in close cooperation with Seroj de Graaf, who invited us to work on the creation of a domotics system. The concept featured a smoke detector, slow woop, WiFi repeater and air valve that focus on the professional and premium market. 

The icon of this product line, the smoke detector, features a unique design element that makes it possible to paint the product without losing it’s reliability. And on top of that, we applied the “single material design philosophy”, keeping the generations that come after us in mind. 

The design focuses on the premium context and meet the professional's requirements that come with it. The easy installation design and the premium "look & feel" and the customization options will suit the needs of architects and designers.

The "hamburger like" design approach makes it possible to paint both the top and bottom covers. The color of the functional part, the "burger" itself, shows by its color its functionality.

Need Systems

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