Strategic Design + Innovation that Creates Competitive Advantage.

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Successful products don't just fall from the sky; they are always preceded by a clear strategy. Great strategies create a difference and set you apart from your competition.
We call this 'impact-driven + creating preference'.

Strategic Design

We go beyond the borders of traditional disciplines: We create brands, products, and services based on a solid strategic foundation. Without strategy, you're shooting in the dark. And it all starts with one thing: The Brand.


We guide organizations through the innovation process, helping them develop and refine their capabilities while imparting the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in their industry.

And then there was Pro.

A transformative triple‑camera system that adds tons of capability without complexity. An unprecedented leap in battery life. And a mind‑blowing chip that doubles down on machine learning and pushes the boundaries of what a smartphone can do. Welcome to the first iPhone powerful enough to be called Pro.

From $24.95/mo. or $599 with trade-in.*

Take a closer look.

Two sizes. Four finishes. Stainless steel and glass design.

The Brand as the Base

At The Hybrid Consultancy, the brand is our compass. Every project we undertake is rooted in the essence of the brand. Why does your brand exist? It exists to weave a unique narrative and address a precise market need. The "job to be done" (JTBD) of your brand is to craft value for your clientele, elegantly solving their dilemmas and fulfilling their desires. In this way, we ensure that your brand is not merely acknowledged but profoundly resonates with its audience.

Mastering the brand's arena allows us to elevate your presence, making your brand a beacon of excellence in a landscape filled with competing voices. This enables you to stand out, win in the arena, and achieve lasting success.

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A selection of projects

The art of drinking water

Strategy & Industrial Design

The New Generation

Product Visualization

The new check-in line
for Nortvi

Strategy & (Re)branding

Meet the new iprox.

Celebrating 5 years of success in innovation, strategy & design.
The Modern Craftsmanship
From idea to prototype.

Designers that bring more to the table.

The Hybrid Consultancy
Creators of holistic experiences

Going beyond the borders of traditional disciplines.

Founded in 2019, The Hybrid Consultancy combines product design, service design, and user experience design with strategic thinking to transform products, services, user experiences, and brands.

Our innovative consultancy services provide your brand with the tools to gain competitive advantage and distinctive identities while aligning with your overall business and social objectives.

We create physical and digital interactions for human-beings that make products, services, and technologies approachable and understandable, enabling meaningful connections between people and the products they use.

Our design solutions bridge the gap between creativity, strategic thinking, and practicality, resulting in designs that are innovative and commercially viable and try to make the world a better place.

Winning design prizes for our own consultancy is not our main goal.
Our goal is to help you do your business.
In a great way.

Strategy & Design

At The Hybrid Consultancy, we specialize in Strategy & Design, offering a dynamic blend that propels brands into their next phase of growth. Our hybrid approach marries strategic foresight with impeccable design, ensuring every solution is not only visually compelling but foundationally robust. We navigate the complexities of market trends and consumer behaviors to craft strategies that position your brand uniquely. Dive into a partnership where innovation meets practicality, defining the future of your brand's journey.

innovation + Strategy + Design = the Hybrid consultancy
The Hybrid Consultancy is a strategic design + innovation consultancy, based in Amsterdam.

We develop winning strategies, run innovation workshops, design physical products, digital products & services.
About The Hybrid Consultancy
Meet Ivo Jeukens, Founder + Hybrid Design Strategist
Project Showcase
A perfect example. Introducing design to the industry.
A perfect example
Wiener Ball Mill - Generation 7
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La Sperta
Our online magazine about the Art of Creating Experiences
our online magazine about the art of creating experiences

La Sperta

La Sperta comes from the word for 'the experienced' in the Esperanto language.
We will bring you our latest insights and work that will make your day a bit more pleasant.
From Mundane to Marvelous: The Art of Reframing Product Categories
Jun 13, 2024
In the world of product design, nothing is set in stone. Designers constantly reimagine products, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. This article explores how reframing products—like transforming sunglasses from nerdy accessories to fashion staples and making e-bikes essential urban transport—redefines their purpose and appeal. Advances in technology, shifts in cultural perspectives, and creative insights from younger generations play crucial roles in this process. By embracing the potential for innovation, we can continuously recontextualize and elevate everyday items, proving that even the most mundane products can become marvels.
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The Future of Software-Defined Products: Balancing Innovation and Longevity
Feb 21, 2019
Discover how digital components are outpacing physical durability in modern products. From smart speakers to electric cars, learn why sustainability and smart design are crucial for a more sustainable future.
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Design Study: The High End VortexLink router by Lumin.
May 14, 2024
We believe in continuously pushing ourselves and the envelope of innovation by doing conceptual design studies. At The Hybrid Consultancy, we see design as an exquisite balance of aesthetics and functionality. Our latest creation under the fictive brand Lumin, the VortexLink, exemplifies this philosophy. Here’s an insider look at our meticulous conceptual design process.
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