Strategic Design Consultancy.

We start with

listening to you.

Our mission. / Why we get out of bed.

We create winning corporate strategies

& translate them into profitable

products, services & brands for

companies that need our help to gain

competitive advantage over the short

& long-term.

Most companies are facing complex challenges that require the latest insights on technology, user behavior and market opportunities.

Organizations that think they acquired a favorable position in their market, are often overtaken by new market entrants. That is why we talk about the 'arena' in which a company competes.

Making a successful business case is just part of your solution. The knowledge to bring a strategy into existence is key to success.

The Hybrid Consultancy offers a wide variety of services that make sure you do not miss opportunities and are never left behind without the know-how to execute the strategy.

We help you from the first rough sketches towards a complete product experience. From corporate analysis, market and user research, product portfolio management to brand and corporate design and product design + engineering.

We are always happy to help.

Strategists that make it happen.

+ Designers that bring more to the table.

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what we deliver.

We do not only

deliver a strategy.

We bring it into existence.

The Hybrid Consultancy is the strategic design & innovation consultancy that helps businesses from ideation stages to the execution. Our vision on the creation of great customer experiences is built around the idea that these are holistic: A 360° vision on your business.

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Associate Partners

Ivo Jeukens
Founder/Director + Hybrid Design Strategist
Dilara Tuna
User insights expert
Joep Sauren
Proces optimalisation + automation expert
William Groeneveld
Data + automation expert
Maartje de Roy van Zuydewijn
Art Collection & Exhibition Expert

Consultancy that

creates designs,

transforms organizations.

& brings the success.

creating impact.

The Hybrid Consultancy is founded by Ivo Jeukens, a pure Hybrid and evangelist of the Hybrid philosophy. Ivo strongly believes in having both the hard and soft-skills: He works as an innovator, designer, engineer and strategist all at once.

After studying Strategic Product Design at Delft University of Technology, he had started to work at the family business and a design consultancy in The Netherlands. During this period, he noticed that most project did not meet the client's real needs. Being a pure Hybrid himself, Ivo developed the philosophy for his own design consultancy: The Hybrid Consultancy.

the business of Design.

We create

competitive advantage

right now

& on the long-term.


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To what does the word 'Hybrid' refer to at The Hybrid Consultancy?

The Hybrid Consultancy was founded since the world was lacking strategic design consultants with the typical Hybrid skill-set. Today's businesses face radically different challenges and cope with new ones on a daily basis. Our Hybrid consultants possess the skills to adapt to the project's scope and goals since they are not limited to a narrow field of expertise: Where one discipline stops does the other continue.

Do you always work project-based?

No. Although we mostly offer tailor made services. We also offer so-called 'continuity packages'. These packages are based on a monthly fee and guarantee consistency in your designs. You might call it your "external in-house design team".

Learn more about the Continuity Packages.
Does The Hybrid Consultancy focus on specific industries?

For us, there is no such a thing as something we do for the first time. We might even say that we are at our best during our discoveries of the territories uncovered so far.

Although not excluding organizations on forehand, we do focus on making the world a better place.


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The Stockholm office is based on a remote concept with our friends at Formery.