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Design & Strategy

Design plays a major role for your businesses' success nowadays.
At The Hybrid Consultancy do we help companies with their strategic design & innovation challenges in order to meet and even set new standards for world-class experiences. Our hybrid professionals are not limited to skill sets as defined by the traditional borders of disciplines: We combine business, design, and social factors into winning propositions and create measurable, consistent results.

We are always happy to help.


We develop strategies and make sure to activate them. We believe activation is key to succes: Developed closely with the strategy itself.


Bring your ideas to the market and make them become a reality! Our Hybrids go further than styling & aesthetics: They make the difference.


What is needed to play? Where do we play? What is needed to win? How do we win? What do we consider to be competitive advantage? We come with the right questions and answers.


The Hybrid character

Being able to talk with managers, marketeers, engineers and many other disciplines, makes our people the connecting element at your organization. Our result-oriented mindset does enable us to develop & activate strategies.

The modern craftsman

In order to bring a strategy to life, you need to have the right skill set. Our Hybrids work as true modern craftsman. They think & act.

The innovator

It is a skill to come up with the right questions and answers. This creates the difference when it comes to results.

Getting things done

We create visions and know how to turn them into reality. Consult & Create.


The Manifesto

The Hybrid Consultancy has a clear 'Daseinsgrund': The world lacked a place for professionals that do more than they are expected to do. Founded in 2019, The Hybrid Consultancy...

Learn more about The Manifesto

The Hybrid mentality

The mindset that goes beyond the borders of traditional disciplines.

continuity packages

Your external in-house design department

With our unique continuity packages, you get an external design (team) with the experience of an in-house design department.