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The power of strategy + design.

Hybrid Consultants that go beyond
the borders of traditional disciplines

Elevate Your Business Vision At The Hybrid Consultancy, we specialize in formulating clear, actionable business strategies that serve as a roadmap for your company’s future. Our strategic services focus on understanding market dynamics, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes to craft tailored strategies that drive your business forward. By aligning your corporate goals with market opportunities, we help you navigate complexities with confidence and precision, setting the stage for sustained growth and success.

We develop winning strategies and know how to bring them to life.

Winning design prizes for our own consultancy is not our main goal.
Our goal is to help you do your business.
In a great way.
disciplines & Expertise

Our profile

The Hybrid Consultancy goes beyond the borders of traditional disciplines. What that means? Traditional organizations often focus on composing teams with narrow minded employees that have no interest in other disciplines then their own expertise. We do believe in expertise, but not in limited capabilities. In order to be a successful Hybrid Consultant and problem solver, you need to know more than just a thing or two.

At The Hybrid Consultancy, we work with people with a strategic and broad skill set: Hybrids.

innovation + Strategy + Design = the Hybrid consultancy
The Hybrid Consultancy is a strategic design + innovation consultancy, based in Amsterdam.

We develop winning strategies, run innovation workshops, design physical products, digital products & services.
The Hybrid Consultancy
Our story

Our 'Daseinsgrund'

The Hybrid Consultancy - est. 2019 - is founded by Ivo Jeukens, a pure Hybrid and evangelist of the Hybrid philosophy. Ivo strongly believes in having both the hard and soft-skills: He works as an innovator, designer, engineer and strategist all at once.

During this period, he noticed that most design consultancies do not meet the client's future needs and do not solve their real problems and challenges. Putting out fires, instead of pushing the envelope of innovation, was the status quo at traditional consultancies offering design and innovation services.

Design is a driver for business and not a discipline on its own: The reason we talk about 'Strategic Design'.

What do we do different?

The insights Ivo gathered showed that there was a clear lack of focus on strategy when consulting companies on products. Many consultancies started running and burning hours without challenging the client's demands first. For example, an entrepreneur willing to work for another 20 years is looking for something different than one that is working on his or her exit within 3 years.

For us, strategy and design could not be seen as individual component. A proper designed product is the result of a proper strategy.

Strategist that know how to win in style.
Designers that bring business propositions to the table.


Back in 2019, when founding The Hybrid Consultancy, people had little experience with the words 'holistic' and 'hybrid'. Holistic thinking was rather associated with yoga and hybrid with cars with a specific drivetrain.

We create holistic experiences by widening our scope and focusing on a broader perspective when it comes to the development of businesses, brands, services, products and their impact on the world.

A good design starts with the way you answer the phone: That's the holistic approach.

Strategic Design as an integrated part of the business

Our mission

We are not aiming at winning design prizes. We focus on the best result for your business.

It is all about making the world a better place and creating competitive advantage.

Strategy and design are integrated parts of businesses worldwide.  

We are always happy to help.

Why work with us?

As you might have noticed already, we go by our motto "We are always happy to help." And not without a reason. We know that entrepreneurs and managers have a lot to deal with and together, we will be able to solve the challenges. We might not be capable of solving all problems (quantum physics.. questions about 'Why do we live?...,...), but we are álways happy to help. When we can...

We work with real problem solvers and a network for when the challenges get even bigger.

Strategist that know how to win in style.
Designers that bring business propositions to the table.
The Hybrid Consultancy
Creators of holistic experiences
The Hybrid Consultancy
We are always happy to help.
Our core competencies
Do we always work project-based?

No. Although we mostly offer tailor made services. We also offer so-called 'continuity packages'. These packages are based on a monthly fee and guarantee consistency in your designs. You might call it your "external in-house design team".

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What kind of clients do we work with?

Over the last five years, we consulted a broad variety of clients. From non-profit organizations to one of the the world's leading manufacturers of machines in the food industry.

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What is our pricing model? What do you need to invest.

We work objective-based. Our vision is to help our clients by setting clear goals instead of the very old fashioned way of an hourly rate. One project. One price.

By setting the proper goals together with our clients, we achieve exactly the results that they are looking for. And to be honest: Most of the times way more than expected.

If you are interested in a long-term approach, check out our continuity packagesOur solution for organizations that are in need of continuity and consistency in another way than doing a project together.

It is easy to notice why we go by our motto: 
We are always happy to help.

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Designers that bring more to the table.

Our service pillars


Successful products don't just fall from the sky; they are always preceded by a clear strategy. Great strategies create a difference and set you apart from your competition.
We call this 'impact-driven + creating preference'.

Strategic Design

We go beyond the borders of traditional disciplines: We create brands, products, and services based on a solid strategic foundation. Without strategy, you're shooting in the dark.


We guide organizations through the innovation process, helping them develop and refine their capabilities while imparting the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in their industry.
Distinction + Preference
Change requires action.
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