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The Hybrid Consultancy has worked on DRINKGZEZOND.COM, a new subscription-based water purifier service in the Netherlands, developed in close partnership with Drinkgezond.com and Kärcher. This initiative offers easy access to purified drinking water, promoting a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.
DRINKGEZOND.COM & The Hybrid Consultancy (Venturing)
Work + deliverables
business model design | UX/UI | user studies | web design
A groundbreaking initiative in collaboration with Drinkgezond.com and Kärcher in The Netherlands, revolutionizing the Dutch water purification market through an innovative subscription model. This venture aims to make clean, safe drinking water accessible to more households by combining state-of-the-art purification technology with unparalleled customer convenience.

Challenge and Solution
Faced with the challenge of traditional, costly water purifiers, we developed a subscription-based model to eliminate high upfront costs and complex installations, making it easier for consumers to enjoy purified water at home.

Collaboration and Outcome
Through our collaboration, we've crafted a user-friendly platform and sales support tools, driven by insights from comprehensive user studies. DrinkGezond.com is not just a product but a lifestyle shift towards healthier, sustainable living, showcasing our commitment to innovative, consumer-centric solutions.
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